Four Seasons over Casteddu

Quattre Stagioni sopra Cagliari

The sky over Casteddu is usually blue, but not always. In autumn and winter, wind and clouds
orchestrate rapidly changing scenarios. To document these phenomena throughout the year, we chose a
standard view over the Marina.

The Marina is the most important district of Casteddu, and Saint Eulalia is its hallmark.
Saint Eulalia was built around 1370 on the remains of an older church, Saint Mary of the Port. Four
meters below, excavations reveal the fabulously conserved foundations of the Roman city.

For almost 3,000 years, the region around the Marina has been inhabited – Paris, Moscow,
London, Berlin and Madrid are all younger. The historical districts of Casteddu are enchanting, but
the Marina, the traditional fishermen’s quarter with its outstandingly warm-hearted
inhabitants, is clearly the most intriguing part of the city. The view over the roofs is

Most of the pictures were made with small-budget digital compact cameras that
everyone can afford (Casio ZX850 and Lumix TZ5). Most importantly, none of the pictures have
modified with any kind of software. No special effects are needed. The Four Seasons over Casteddu
are special all by themselves.

Bernd Sebastian Kamps


April 20th, 2010

36 pages

ISBN 978-3-924774-65-3

208 Euro

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by Bernd Sebastian Kamps