Episode 001: Holy Shit

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Holy Shit



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{ Audio: www.BSK1.com/cn001 } 神圣的狗屎
. Cagliari, capital of Sardinia, on the second floor of a building in the historic Marina district. Leonardo spent the night at his grandfather Sebastiano’s home. 卡利亚里,撒丁岛的首府,在历史悠久的滨海区的一栋大楼的二楼。莱昂纳多在他祖父塞巴斯蒂安诺的家里过夜。
S Leonardo, wake up! 莱昂纳多,醒醒吧
L Please, Grandpa, let me sleep. I have a very bad headache. 求你了,爷爷,让我睡觉吧。我头疼得很厉害。
S Yeah, you’ve been smoking again! 是啊,你又抽烟了!
L Of course not, Grandpa. I don’t like tobacco. 当然没有,外公。我不喜欢烟草。
S But you like smoking weed. 但你喜欢抽大麻。
. He takes out the rest of a joint from an ashtray. 他从烟灰缸里拿出剩下的一根大麻
S I told you a hundred times that you have to know how to manage marijuana. How do you want to study if you can’t concentrate and… 我告诉过你一百次,你必须知道如何管理大麻。如果你不能集中精力,你想怎么学习,而且… …
L Stop it, I know the song. Grass prevents me from concentrating and softens my brain. In short, I will never be a brilliant student. 别说了,我知道这首歌。草使我无法集中注意力,使我的大脑变软。简而言之,我永远不会成为一个出色的学生。
S Bullshit! I didn’t say anything like that. Grass will not interfere with your studies and will not prevent you from becoming a good doctor, but on the one condition that you exercise moderation! Come on, get dressed! It’s 11 o’clock. 胡说八道! 我没有说过这样的话。草不会影响你的学习,也不会妨碍你成为一名好医生,但有一个条件,那就是你要有节制!”。来吧,穿上衣服!现在是11点。
L What? 11 o’clock? Damn it, I had an appointment with Hannah. 什么?”11点钟?该死的,我和汉娜有个约会。
S Before that, go to the balcony. 在那之前,去阳台看看。
L What is so important to see there? 那里有什么重要的东西可看?
S There is a cruise ship that dropped anchor at the entrance to the harbour. 有一艘游轮在港口的入口处抛锚了。
. Leonardo goes out onto the balcony which overlooks the roofs of the Marina, the port and the Angels Gulf. 莱昂纳多走到阳台上,那里可以俯瞰码头的屋顶、港口和天使湾。
L So what? 那又怎样?
S That cruise ship is full of English people. It is in quarantine and not allowed to enter the port. 那艘游轮上都是英国人。它正在接受检疫,不允许进入港口。
L What happened? 发生了什么事?
S They say they have an Ebola case on board. 他们说船上有一个埃博拉病例。
L Holy shit! 我的妈呀!