Episode 002: Kill Facebook

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Kill Facebook



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  { Audio: www.BSK1.com/cn002 } 杀死Facebook
. Leonardo is on the balcony of the Via Principe Amedeo apartment. He dials Hannah’s number. Hannah is a 20-year-old French student from Paris.  She is in Cagliari for a 9-month Erasmus course. 莱昂纳多在滨海公寓的阳台上。他拨通了汉娜的电话。汉娜是一个来自巴黎的20岁法国学生。 她在卡利亚里参加为期9个月的伊拉斯谟课程。
L Hannah, is that you? I’m calling from my grandpa’s cell phone. I have just woken up. 汉娜,是你吗?我在用我爷爷的手机打电话。我刚刚醒过来。
H Well that’s just great! We had an appointment at 9 o’clock. I’ve been trying to call you for two hours! 那真是太好了 我们在9点钟有一个约会。我一直想给你打电话,已经两个小时了!
L My phone was dead. Sorry. 我的手机没电了。对不起。
H Sorry, huh! As always, you’re never on time. Make up your mind, man:  does the meeting on climate change interest you or not? We are preparing for next Friday’s march. Damn, don’t you understand that our future is on the line? 对不起,嗯!像往常一样,你从来没有准时过。下定决心吧,伙计:关于气候变化的会议你到底感不感兴趣?我们正在为下周五的游行做准备。该死的,难道你不明白我们的未来就在眼前?
L Stop screaming! I will go to the meeting next week. By the way, have you heard about the English ship? 不要再叫了!你知道吗?我下周会去参加会议。对了,你听说过英国船的事吗?
H Everyone is talking about it. There’s a bit of a panic in town since a patient from the ship was taken to Is Mirrionis hospital by helicopter. 每个人都在谈论它。镇上有点恐慌,因为船上的一个病人被直升机送到了Is Mirrionis医院。
L Panic? 恐慌?
H People say there are patients escaping from the hospital. Do you think it’s serious? What’s going to happen now? 人们说有病人从医院里逃出来了。你认为这很严重吗?现在会发生什么?
L No idea. 不知道。
H By the way, if you had woken up earlier, you could have accompanied Martina to the doctor. 顺便说一句,如果你早点醒过来,你可以陪玛蒂娜去看医生。
L So she decided to abort? 所以她决定流产了?
H Didn’t you expect that? 你没有想到吗?
L Sure I did, but I know someone who is going to be furious. 我当然想到了,但我知道有人会很生气。
H Kevin’s opinion doesn’t matter and Martina has probably made the right choice. 凯文的意见并不重要,玛蒂娜可能已经做出了正确的选择。
L And now? 那现在呢?
H Come on, get moving. If you hurry, you will arrive in time for the presentation of the Kill Facebook project. It’s at noon at the MEM*.  I have to go to San Benedetto market with Francesco. 来吧,快走吧。如果你抓紧时间,你会及时赶到 “杀死Facebook “项目的介绍会。中午在MEM*。 我得和弗朗西斯科去圣贝内代托市场。
L Go to the market? To do what? 去市场?去做什么?
H To buy food, for example. Did you forget our picnic in Chia? 比如说,去买食物。你忘了我们在奇亚的野餐吗?
L Oh dear! Our picnic at the beach! Completely forgot! Is it tomorrow or the day after? 哦,天哪!我们在海边的野餐!完全忘了!是明天还是后天?
H Tomorrow, pea brain. Come on, hurry up now! Let’s Kill Facebook! 明天,豌豆脑袋。来吧,现在快点!让我们杀死脸谱网吧!
  * MEM: Mediateca del Mediterraneo, via Mameli 164, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, Europe, Planet Earth, Solar System, Local Bubble, Orion–Cygnus Arm, Milky Way, Local Group * MEM: Mediateca del Mediterraneo, via Mameli 164, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, Europe, Planet Earth, Solar System, Local Bubble, Orion-Cygnus Arm, Milky Way, Local Group