Episode 003: MI6

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{ Audio: www.BSK1.com/cn003 } 军情六处
. Hannah and Francesco (Martina’s “ex-boyfriend”, a 24-year-old architecture student from Milan) meet at the San Benedetto market. 汉娜和弗朗西斯科(玛蒂娜的前男友,一个来自米兰的24岁建筑系学生)在圣贝内代托市场相遇。
H What a motherfucker, that Leonardo. He missed the meeting for Friday’s demonstration. 真是个混蛋,那个莱昂纳多。他错过了周五的示威会议。
F Still high? 还在嗑药?
H I’m afraid so. It can’t go on like this. He’s messing up completely! 恐怕是的。不能再这样下去了。他完全搞砸了!
F Forget it! For now, we should be thinking of fruit and vegetables. Tomorrow at Chia we can lay into him. By the way: any news about the cruise ship? 算了吧!现在,我们应该考虑的是水果和蔬菜。明天在奇亚,我们就可以对他下手了。顺便问一下:有关于游轮的消息吗?
H Yeah, it’s the “Britannica Tropica”, 5,000 people on board. Almost all of English nationality. 是的,是 “不列颠热带雨林 “号,船上有5000人。几乎都是英国国籍的人。
F So there will be 5,000 dead tourists? 那么会有5000名死去的游客吗?
H Of course not! Leonardo told me that Ebola does not spread like the flu. Direct contact is required. 当然不会! 莱昂纳多告诉我,埃博拉不像流感那样传播。需要直接接触。
F Must sleep with, like AIDS? 必须与之睡觉,就像艾滋病一样?
H Unfortunately not. Ebola is more easily transmitted. To become contaminated, you just have to come into contact with bodily fluids – blood, saliva, urine, semen, sweat, faeces, vomit. 可惜不是。埃博拉病毒更容易传播。要被污染,你只需接触体液–血液、唾液、尿液、精液、汗液、粪便、呕吐物。
F Do we know anything about the patient? 我们对病人的情况了解吗?
H Apparently, he’s an ex-MI6 officer. 显然,他是一名前MI6官员。
F What is MI6? 什么是MI6?
H The British Secret Services. Three weeks ago he returned from an epidemic-ridden area. 英国的秘密机构。三个星期前,他从一个流行病区回来。
F Really? Talking about fluids – what wine should we buy? 真的吗?说到流体–我们应该买什么酒?
H Santadi red is not bad. Or do you prefer white? 桑塔迪红葡萄酒还不错。还是你喜欢白葡萄酒?
F I’d rather have red. Now take care of the fruit and vegetables. I’ll buy the bread and cheese. 我宁愿要红葡萄酒。现在照顾好水果和蔬菜。我去买面包和奶酪。
H Okay. See you later. 好的,回头见。
. Hannah walks away, then turns around. 汉娜走了,然后转身。
H By the way, why didn’t you go to the doctor with Martina? 对了,你为什么不和玛蒂娜一起去看医生?