Episode 006: Coitus interruptus

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Coitus interruptus



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  { Audio: www.BSK1.com/cn006 } 性交中断
. Hannah and Francesco left the market and find themselves in front of a large pastry shop. 汉娜和弗朗西斯科离开市场,发现自己在一家大型糕点店前。
H Why didn’t you go with Martina to the doctor? 你为什么不和玛蒂娜一起去看医生?
F You know, we’re not really together anymore. I suggested to accompany her but she preferred to go with Alejandro. 你知道,我们已经不是真的在一起了。我建议陪她去,但她更愿意和亚历山德罗一起去。
H Well, well… 好吧,好吧…
F No, there is nothing between them. By the way, do you know how an abortion is done? 不,他们之间没有什么。对了,你知道堕胎是怎么做的吗?
H The doctor will probably ask Martina if she is sure she wants an abortion and explain the different methods. After which Martina will have to wait seven days. Then she will go to the hospital. 医生可能会问玛蒂娜,她是否确定要堕胎,并解释不同的方法。之后,玛蒂娜将不得不等待七天。然后,她将去医院就诊。
F Different methods of abortion? 堕胎的不同方法?
H She will have to choose between the abortion pill and instrumental abortion. Having said that, couldn’t you have been more careful? Getting a girl pregnant at your age is really irresponsible! 她将不得不在堕胎药和器械流产之间做出选择。说了这么多,你就不能更小心一点吗?在你这个年龄让一个女孩怀孕真的是不负责任!你知道吗?
F Normally I use a condom, but when I don’t have one I withdraw.  But that day, it didn’t work. As for Martina, she always refused to take the pill. 通常我都会使用安全套,但当我没有安全套的时候,我就会退出。 但是那一天,它没有发挥作用。至于玛蒂娜,她总是拒绝吃药。
H You are real dummies! 你是真正的傻瓜!?
. Hannah points to the shopping bag. 汉娜指着购物袋。
H Show me! What did you buy? 给我看看!你买了什么?
F A huge buffalo mozzarella, a dry Oliena sausage, semi-mature sheep’s cheese, fresh Sinai goat cheese and carasau bread. And you ? 一块巨大的水牛奶酪,一根干的奥利纳香肠,半成熟的绵羊奶酪,新鲜的西奈山羊奶酪和卡拉索面包。你呢?
H Endives, carrots, fennel, celery branches and some tomatoes. 韭菜、胡萝卜、茴香、芹菜枝和一些西红柿。
F No fruit? 没有水果吗?
H You know, there isn’t much this season. But I found strawberries that we can sprinkle with lemon juice. 你知道,这个季节没有什么东西。但我发现了草莓,我们可以撒上柠檬汁。
F Great ! What time do we meet tomorrow for the picnic? 很好 ! 我们明天什么时候集合去野餐?