Episode 007: Digital Detox

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Digital Detox



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. Leonardo and Jan before a meeting of the “Kill Facebook” project. Jan is an 18 years old Dutch kid and a great fan of social media. 莱昂纳多和扬在 “杀死Facebook “项目的会议前。杨是一个18岁的荷兰孩子,是社交媒体的忠实粉丝。
J Leonardo, you’re not serious! Spending an entire day at the beach without taking photos? Without posting anything on the internet? 莱昂纳多,你不是认真的吧?在海滩上一整天不拍照?不在互联网上发布任何信息?
L Listen Jan, everyone agreed on that. At our picnic there will only be one cell phone – mine. In case of emergency. Everyone else will leave their cell phones at home. 听着杨,大家都同意这一点。在我们的野餐中,将只有一部手机–我的。以防出现紧急情况。其他人都会把手机留在家里。
J But it’s stupid and totally un-real. You are not going to change the world by spending a day without a cell phone! 但这很愚蠢,完全不现实。你不可能通过花一天时间不使用手机来改变世界!你呢?
L And you?  What do you bring to the world by posting a selfie every day on Instagram? 你呢? 你每天在Instagram上发一张自拍,能给世界带来什么?
J What do you care? 你关心什么呢?
L Drop it! If we don’t start with something, we will never change anything. 放下吧! 如果我们不从某些方面开始,我们将永远不会改变任何东西。
J What exactly do you want to change? 你到底想改变什么?
L Reduce the influence of social networks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok do not invite real exchange and solidarity. They are the enemy of mankind! 减少社交网络的影响。Facebook、Twitter、YouTube、Instagram、Snapchat和Tiktok不会带来真正的交流和团结。它们是人类的敌人!
J But you must be joking! Networks are the future, it’s progress! They allow us to be at the center of the world! Look at me! I already have over 10,000 followers. Soon, I will make a living on social media. No need to waste time with studies anymore! 但你一定是在开玩笑! 网络是未来,是进步! 它们使我们能够成为世界的中心! 看看我吧! 我已经有超过10,000名追随者。很快,我就能靠社交媒体谋生了。没有必要再把时间浪费在学习上了!
L Well, Mr. Influencer, the meeting is starting. By the way, why did you show up? Normally you are loyal to your tribe. 好了,影响者先生,会议开始了。顺便问一下,你为什么会出现?通常情况下,你对你的部落很忠诚。
J To say that we should not kill Facebook. 要说我们不应该杀死Facebook。