Episode 008: My belly

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My belly



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{ Audio: www.BSK1.com/cn008 } 我的肚子
. Martina and Alejandro come out of the doctor’s office. They cross Via Roma to reach the small marina. 玛蒂娜和亚历山德罗从医生办公室出来。他们穿过Via Roma,到达小码头。
A So, still determined? 那么,还是很坚定?
M Yes, more than ever. 是的,比以前更坚定了。
A Am I dreaming or did the doctor try to convince you to keep the baby? 是我在做梦还是医生试图说服你留下孩子?
M I had that impression too. 我也有这种印象。
. They walk for a moment without speaking along the quay, where the boats are moored. 他们沿着码头走了一会儿,没有说话,码头上停泊着很多船。
A Are you okay? 你还好吗?
M Yep, I’m fine. But I still feel weird. I never imagined that my first pregnancy would end up like this. 是的,我很好。但我还是觉得很奇怪。我从未想过我的第一次怀孕会是这样的结局。
A Kevin told me that he doesn’t understand why you want to have an abortion. 凯文告诉我,他不明白你为什么要堕胎。
M Kevin is an idiot. Besides, when women talk about contraception or abortion, guys had better be quiet. The same in parliaments. It’s up to us to decide. Fetuses do not grow in your womb. 凯文是个白痴。此外,当女人谈论避孕或堕胎时,男人最好保持沉默。在议会中也一样。这要由我们来决定。胎儿不会在你的子宫里生长。
A You’ve turned into a true feminist! 你变成了一个真正的女权主义者!
M It makes me mad. Obviously I would have preferred to be pregnant with a man who loves me, a man I love, and at a time when we would have had the means to raise the child. 这让我很生气。显然,我更愿意和一个爱我的男人,一个我爱的男人,在我们有能力抚养孩子的时候怀孕。
A In short, abortion is no joking matter. It is still a human being! 总而言之,堕胎不是开玩笑的事。它仍然是一个人!
M Are you on to this too? Stop it with this moralistic bullshit! You know very well that at this stage a fetus is still only the outline of a human being. I am in my fifth week of pregnancy. What do you think your human being looks like? 你也明白这个道理吗?不要再讲这种道德主义的废话了!你很清楚,在这个阶段,你要做的就是让你的孩子在你身边。你很清楚,在这个阶段,胎儿仍然只是一个人的轮廓。我现在是怀孕的第五周。你认为你的人是什么样子的?
A Actually, I don’t know. 事实上,我不知道。
M It is as big as a lentil and looks like a larva. Come on, be reasonable! We are not in the Middle Ages and the Inquisition is long over. Let us decide alone, please! 它有扁豆那么大,看起来像个幼虫。来吧,理智点!我们不是在中世纪。我们不是在中世纪,宗教裁判所早已结束。请让我们独自决定吧