Episode 009: Seeds and Sun

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Seeds and Sun



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{ Audio: www.BSK1.com/cn009 } 种子和太阳
. Beatrice reads aloud an excerpt from a French manual she and Sebastiano published when they were young. 比阿特丽斯大声朗读她和塞巴斯蒂亚诺年轻时出版的一本法语手册的节选。
B – I don’t understand: cigarettes and alcohol are drugs, right? – 我不明白:香烟和酒精是毒品,对吗?
– Of course, and in addition, they cause a lot of illnesses. – 当然,此外,它们还能引起很多疾病。
– And why doesn’t the state ban them like it does with other drugs? Especially when you think there is evidence that alcohol and cigarettes are far more harmful than hashish and marijuana. – 而国家为什么不像对待其他毒品那样禁止它们?特别是当你认为有证据表明,酒精和香烟的危害远远大于大麻和大麻。
– That’s simple. The state cannot tax marijuana, it’s too easy to grow. For your annual consumption, you just need to plant a few seeds, water them and have enough sun. – 这很简单。国家不能对大麻征税,它太容易种植了。为了你每年的消费,你只需要种植一些种子,给它们浇水并有足够的阳光。
. Beatrice puts down the book. 比阿特丽斯放下了书。
B Almost 40 years later, nothing has changed. Sebastiano, are there many countries where you have the right to grow grass in your garden? 近40年过去了,一切都没有改变。塞巴斯蒂亚诺,有很多国家的人有权在花园里种草吗?
S Very few. However, weed is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Tobacco can cause a number of complications: impotence, heart attack, stroke, lung cancer. This is not the case with marijuana, but that said, it is not without its dangers either. 很少。然而,杂草的危害比酒精或烟草小。烟草会引起一些并发症:阳痿、心脏病发作、中风、肺癌。大麻并非如此,但话虽如此,它也并非没有危险。
B For example? 比如说?
S Irritation of the lungs, increased heart rate, paranoia… 刺激肺部,心率加快,妄想症……
B Are you referring to our friends who have become paranoid after decades of smoking marijuana? There were only a few. 你指的是我们那些抽了几十年大麻而变得偏执的朋友吗?只有少数人。
S Fortunately. But today it’s different: weed is no longer weed. Today’s weed can be much stronger than what we used when we were young. So, yes, today, there’s a risk of addiction that didn’t exist in our day. 幸好如此。但今天情况不同了:大麻不再是大麻了。今天的大麻可能比我们年轻时使用的强得多。所以,是的,今天,有一种成瘾的风险,在我们那个时代并不存在。
B You mean if we were young, we wouldn’t be able to handle weed? 你的意思是,如果我们年轻时,我们就不能处理大麻?
S Maybe not. 也许不是。
B I must be dreaming! You cannot be telling me that you are for the ban? 我一定是在做梦! 你不会是在告诉我你支持禁令吧?
S The potency of today’s marijuana might be the one reason to keep the ban in place. 今天的大麻的效力可能是保持禁令的一个原因。
B My God? What’s happening to us? We’re having old people’s conversations. 我的上帝?我们是怎么了?我们正在进行老年人的谈话。
S So what? Are we in our twenties? 那又怎样?我们是二十几岁的人吗?