Episode 010: Adieu Britannica

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Adieu Britannica



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. April, Saturday, 11 a.m. Martina drives an old Fiat 500. There are six of them inside the car. She speaks with Raquel, a 24-year-old woman from Madrid. Suddenly, Raquel points to the Britannica. 四月,星期六,上午11点,玛蒂娜开着一辆老式菲亚特500。车内有六个人。她与来自马德里的24岁女性拉奎尔交谈。突然,拉奎尔指着《大英百科全书》。
R Look at the smoke! The cruise ship is moving. Stop the car! 你看那烟! 邮轮在移动。把车停下来!
. Martina stops the car at the edge of the lagoon with the flamingos. 玛蒂娜把车停在有火烈鸟的泻湖边上。
M You’re right, the Britannica is leaving the port. 你是对的,大英帝国号正在离开港口。
R It was high time that the English left. They had nothing more to do here. Besides, they are permanent pissers. 现在是英国人离开的时候了。他们在这里没有什么可做的了。此外,他们是永久性的小便者。
M You’re a bit strong. Think of all the passengers trapped on that ghost ship! 你有点强势。想想所有被困在那艘鬼船上的乘客!
R Yeah, okay. But it is still a cruise ship and as Leonardo says: “These boats are a real mess”. They pollute to high heaven. And wherever they go, they spoil the lives of the locals. 是啊,好吧。但它仍然是一艘游船,正如莱昂纳多所说:”这些船真是一团糟”。他们把污染搞得天翻地覆。而且无论他们走到哪里,都会破坏当地人的生活。
She sings on the air of the Marseillaise: 她在《马赛曲》的歌声中唱道。
R To arms, children! Let’s sink the ships! Aux armes, les enfants ! Coulons les pavillons ! (孩子们,拿起武器!让我们把船弄沉!)。
M Stop it! Once decommisioned in a port, cruise ships could be useful. Let’s convert them instead! 停止吧! 一旦在港口被拆毁,游轮就会变得有用。让我们把它们改头换面吧!
R I wonder what they can be useful for. 我想知道它们能有什么用处。
M What if we transformed them into social housing? 如果我们把它们改造成社会住房呢?
R I didn’t know you were so radical, Martina. What a great idea! Social housing and student rooms! Finally, a bit of a societal mix! 我不知道你是如此激进,玛蒂娜。多么伟大的想法啊!社会住房和学生宿舍! 终于有了一点多样性!
M In addition, the companies would have the obligation to keep the ships in good condition for 30 years to pay for all the damage they have caused. 此外,这些公司将有义务在30年内保持船舶的良好状态,以支付他们造成的所有损失。
R Say, are your ideas on the climate that strong? 我说,你对气候的想法有那么强烈吗?
M You will see when we are in Paris… 等我们到了巴黎你就知道了……