Episode 004: Abortion

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{ Audio: www.BSK1.com/cn004 } 堕胎
. Martina and Alejandro walk together under the arcade of Via Roma. Martina is a 25-year-old journalist from Cagliari, pregnant with Francesco from Milan. Alejandro is a 22-year-old Spanish guy from Seville. 玛蒂娜和亚历杭德罗一起走在罗马街的拱廊下。玛蒂娜是一个来自卡利亚里的25岁的记者,怀着来自米兰的弗朗西斯科。亚历杭德罗是一个来自塞维利亚的22岁的西班牙人。
A Have you thought it through? 你想清楚了吗?
M Yes. 是的。
A Did you tell Francesco about it? 你跟弗朗西斯科说了吗?
M No.  He has nothing to do with it. 没有,他与此毫无关系。
A But he’s the father. 但他是孩子的父亲。
M No, he is not the father since there will be no child. Let’s say he could have been the father if we had planned to live together. 不,他不是父亲,因为不会有孩子。让我们说,如果我们计划在一起生活,他可能是父亲。
A So, you didn’t plan to stay together? 那么,你们没有计划在一起生活?
M Not at all. Never. And even if we had, do you think that this is the right time to have a child – 25 years old and no secure job? Do you see yourself with a kid to raise? 根本就没有。从来没有。即使我们在一起了,你认为现在是生孩子的好时机吗–25岁了,没有稳定的工作?你看到自己有一个孩子要养吗?
A Actually no. 实际上没有。
. A street vendor offers a special edition of the local newspaper, The Islander’s Union. Alejandro buys a copy. Headline: “Panic aboard the Britannica Tropica”. 一个街头小贩提供了一份当地报纸《岛民联盟》的特刊。Alejandro买了一份。标题。”不列颠托匹克号上的恐慌”。
A Can you imagine the panic! They say that some people tried to abandon ship and swim ashore. 你能想象这种恐慌吗?他们说,有些人试图弃船游上岸。
M So what? 那又怎样?
A They were caught by the police and brought back to the ship. 他们被警察抓住了,被带回了船上。
M What does the newspaper say? 报纸上说什么?
A The Englishman who is suspected of having Ebola was born in June 1964. Ex-secret agent, converted into an arms dealer, fell ill a week ago. A group of twenty passengers took care of him during the crossing. 被怀疑患有埃博拉病毒的英国人出生于1964年6月。前秘密特工,转为军火商,一周前病倒。一个由20名乘客组成的小组在穿越期间照顾了他。
M Twenty people are therefore potentially infected. 因此,20人有可能被感染。
A It’s possible! It would be better if the Britannica bunked off. Don’t you agree? 这是有可能的! 如果大英帝国的人打道回府,那就更好了。你不同意吗?
. They arrive in front of a large red building. A bronze plaque indicates a doctor’s office. 他们来到一座红色的大建筑前。一块铜牌表明是医生的办公室。
M Here we are. Are you coming with me? 我们到了。你要和我一起去吗?