Episode 005: Weed

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  { Audio: www.BSK1.com/cn005 } 杂草丛生
. Grandfather Sebastiano and Grandmother Béatrice (of French origin), talk about their grandson. 爷爷塞巴斯蒂亚诺和奶奶贝亚特丽斯(法国血统),谈论着他们的孙子。
S Leonardo worries me. Since the beginning of the year, he has not been the same. 莱昂纳多让我很担心。从今年年初开始,他就不一样了。
B The drug trial he’s been involved in is no picnic*. Then there’s this thing with Hannah. Was it really a good idea to move in with her when they’ve been in crisis for a year? 他所参与的药物试验不是野餐*。然后是汉娜的这件事。当他们一年来一直处于危机之中时,搬去和她一起住真的是个好主意吗?
S In any case, he can’t really focus on his studies anymore. 在任何情况下,他都无法真正专注于他的学习了。
B To study well, you have to be serene, and to be serene it’s better to know if you have a relationship with someone or not. 要想学习好,你必须要宁静,而要宁静,最好知道你是否与某人有关系。
S Not to mention his “regular” anxieties. He is very afraid of the future. 更不用说他的 “常规 “焦虑了。他对未来非常恐惧。
B Ah yes! Living serenely in today’s world is an art. 啊,是的! 在今天的世界上宁静地生活是一门艺术。
S Lack of serenity isn’t any excuse to get high several times a week. Do me the favor of speaking to him about this. 缺乏宁静并不是每周嗑药数次的任何借口。帮我个忙,跟他说说这个问题。
B If only he would smoke less! 如果他能少抽点烟就好了!
S You mean, like us, in the good old days? 你是说,像我们一样,在过去的好日子里?
B Not everything was rosy, not by a long shot. Utopias, struggles… 不是所有的事情都是美好的,不可能。乌托邦,挣扎…
S We didn’t lose all our fights, thanks to us, society has evolved. 我们并没有输掉所有的斗争,多亏了我们,社会已经发展了。
B And women have obtained the right to abortion and lesbians and gays can marry. 而且妇女已经获得了堕胎的权利,女同性恋者可以结婚。
. Beatrice takes a book from the library and shows it to Sebastiano. 比阿特丽斯从图书馆拿了一本书,给塞巴斯蒂安诺看。
S Look, the first foreign language book we wrote! Almost 40 years ago! Do you remember the text about legalizing marijuana? 看,这是我们写的第一本外语书!将近40年了。几乎是40年前! 你还记得关于大麻合法化的文字吗?
B Can you read it to me? 你能读给我听吗?
. * Leonardo had picked up a young couple hitchhiking and was about to drop them off in Via Roma when suddenly a car of the Carabinieri appeared. A search of the girl’s backpack revealed 12 bricks of hashish. Later, when they searched the girl’s house, the Carabinieri discovered 200 grams of cocaine, a precision balance and packaging material. *莱昂纳多搭上了一对年轻夫妇的便车,准备在Via Roma放下他们时,突然出现了一辆Carabinieri的汽车。在搜查女孩的背包时发现有12块大麻。后来,当他们搜查女孩的房子时,宪兵队发现了200克可卡因、一台精密天平和包装材料。